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At Skill Market, we’ve got your back! Develop your interests, gain experience points and build your individuality – in the direction chosen by you.

Each project would add soft skills to the user, which would help young people to get to know their strengths and identify potential and possible use of them.

Nothing to put in your resume?

We got you! Create your own projects with Skill Market to show off your skills or take part in projects created and rated by professionals!

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100pkt Creativity 

200pkt Open Mind


Level 3 Tool: Photoshop


Each project would add soft skills to the user, which would help young people to get to know their strengths and identify potential and possible use of them


Serving as an aid in defining yourself and as a way of introducing a more fun and laid-back approach to professional scenery


Encouraging to develop these traits, and at the same time promoting personal values, increasing the feeling of being unique and changing the current patterns on the labor market


Wouldn’t it be nice to track everything you are doing along with the progress you are making? 

Creating a better world with Skill Market

Be ready for your dream job right after school

Be ready for your dream job right after school

Lack of experience is a frequent reason for rejected applications and problems in finding a job. Skill Market would solve it through reputable scoring that people will be able to build even while still in high school.

Lack of confidence and self-awareness is a common cause of „wasted potential” in young people. Helping them define themselves and understand their strengths, will aid in creating a more positive, satisfied with life society.

Feel a sense of belonging and acceptance

No more boredom and lack of direction

Self-awareness and a community with shared values will eliminate the sense of alienation among young people and the difficulties in establishing relationships, which often lead to psychological problems. The community could also help connect people who think and act alike, fueling the creativity and artistic expression of young people through mutual inspiration.

Skill Market will help young people find interests and projects based on their individual characteristics, hence giving a sense of direction and meaning. Additionally, creating a portal with game-like features (collecting points, levels, titles, tokens) turning self-development from chore to fun.


FRIENDLY COMMUNITY – building a kind, non-judgmental community in which young people will rediscover the comfort of communication with other people and the benefits of higher values, such as empathy.

A BREAK FROM THE VIRTUAL WORLD – through introducing projects to be completed in the 'real world’ people will ease into functioning in everyday life bringing in the values learned during the experience.

SOMETHING NEW – there is still not enough dialogue about values ​​and individuality, especially in schools. We hope that introducing this topic to young society will spark curiosity and excitement to learn something new.

PSYCHOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT – by helping young people define themselves and their strengths, we will support their mental health, naturally increasing their interest and ability in taking action.

DEVELOPING AMBITIONS – interesting projects and tasks, and the social, personal and professional benefits (awards) that come along, will promote the development of young people by instilling in them a sense of ambition.